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" In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference. In 20, you'll see the difference and in 30, you'll have a whole new body!" 

-Joseph Pilates


"Helen's passion and dedication to Pilates is motivating, inspiring and encouraging to her clients, helping them to achieve not only a wellness of being in their daily life but also a lightness of being."

 - Claudia Miller, Pilates For Life


"I’m an 83 year old retiree (mature, as Helen would say), with an interesting history of surgeries: both knees and right hip replacements and damaged right shoulder from a skiing accident. I spend an hour every week with Helen who takes me through a series of Pilates exercises specifically chosen for my current physical condition. I am amazed at her ability to extemporize on the spot with changes needed since the previous week. I recommend that you experience her expertise; she has helped me immeasurably."

Bob Ruthrauff


“My husband Pete and I are 80 year-olds who take Pilates from Helen Stacey. She has been a great help in improving our core strength and overall flexibility. She is a gifted instructor who individualizes the sessions to accommodate our age and physical condition. She provides us with a breadth of experiences in a kind and caring way. To top it all off, she is fun to be with!"

- Nancy Van Domelen


"I'm a massage therapist, aerial dancer, hiker, rock climber and softball player. Pilates keeps me fluid and strong to meet the demands of my work and play. Movement from a strong core is a beautiful thing. Helen is very skilled at teaching the Pilates method. She is patient yet demands correct form in a gentle yet educational manner."

- JJ-Lyons. CO



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