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Private lessons. Semi-Private lessons. Equipment & Mat classes. 

Rehabilitation Instruction. 



Private sessions allow the instructor to work with the individual, developing a program that addresses previous and current injuries, taking into account physical limitations and modifying exercises accordingly in a safe and controlled environment.

The 1:1 approach brings focus and attention to details, perfecting form and alignment and allows the client to progress at a pace that works for them.



Other clients enjoy the class experience, working out with friends and other clients.

Classes are structured according to ability and are usually broken down into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

As clients make progress, new challenges are introduced to continue developing core strength, stability and stamina.

Getting started


All clients new to the studio are advised to start with some private sessions, even with previous pilates experience!

This enables the instructor to work with the client on a 1:1 basis before moving into the class experience. 

The Introductory package is a good starting point to begin the pilates journey of discovery and fun!

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