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 Trained in the UK in 1996 by prestigious teachers, Helen completed intensive certification through Body Control Pilates UK and has been a long term and ongoing practitioner ever since. She continued to train and teach for over a decade in Boulder Colorado, to broaden her expertise, before bringing that experience back to the UK.

"Helen's passion and dedication to Pilates is motivating, inspiring and encouraging to her clients, helping them to achieve not only a wellness of being in their daily life but also a lightness of being." -                                                    Claudia Miller, Pilates For Life

Technique Development

Group Lessons

One on One

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Helen is a fully qualified and well experienced PMA registered instructor who takes pride in her ability to work with clients of any age, lifestyle and capability. She will work with you to find the optimum balance that challenges you, while being considerate of your abilities, goals and the realities of our daily lifestyles.  

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Pilates For All, Pool Innovation Centre, Suite F33, Trevenson Road, TR153PL


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